The Great British Summer

London 2012 – A great time to be Brittish

With the closure of the Paralympic games comming on this sunday its time to look back and see how was the summer of 2012  ; altough the most skeptics  ones will focus on the monetary isue  we are focusing on the vast projects and activities that made this summer a special one for Great Britain .

On Thursday the 3rd of May 2012 the Candidate of the Conservative Party Boris Johnson was relected as Mayor of the city of London , his particularly look and way of speaking was subject of discussion, specially with the world focusing their attention on the city during the summer ; the proud Londoner encourraged The city to get ready to wellcome the world . But the hype and patriotisim started a coupple of months before the Olympic games started ; street parties with loads of tipical Brittish  activities hosted thousends of people , the streets were fulled with Union Jack flags and bunting and the Celebration for Queen ElizabethII’s Diamond Jubilee started ; the Brits were primed with pride


Although some people were proud to exhibit this image of Britain and to share their traditions with the influx of visitors and to the world. Others were worried it could tip the other way with nationalism, when the time came  the Britons handled it perfectly  good   the number of protest and rumbles were below the avarage , the people were freindly and warm  .

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee beacons were lit to mark royal occasion in New Zealand, Tonga, Australian, Africa and throughout the UK ; 4,200 beacons were lit and the first one was lit in New Zealand  ; in the Uk the beacons , the nation’s oldest signalling system , was prepared for a diamond jubilee renaissance as night fell.

The atmosphere was warmed up for the Olympic games , the count down was all around the news and the path of the Olympic Torch relay was Follow by everyone in Britain ; it was lit on May the 11th in Olimpia Greece and it arrived to the UK. on May the 19th  it went within 10 miles of every home in the UK and it arrived  to London on the 27 th of July  . The big day was getting closer and everybody had big expectations ; Fears came along about the logistics of setting on this massive event and host millions of visitors too.

I declare open the games of London Celebrating the 30th Olimpiad of modern era “ – Said her Majisty Elizabeth the second Queen of England  on the evening of the Openning ceremony for the Olympic Games ; The so expected Ceremony was truly a succes , it had many of the British culture and historic moments all the things that deffined Great Britain ; the British apportation to the Pop and Film culture was stunning , even her Maijesty play her first film roll with Daniel Craig the actor of the latest james bond movie ; the Broadcasting for the Olympic Openning Ceremony went for almost 4 hrs and it was watched for more than 1 billion People around the Globe .

The Games started  and  up to 70,000 Volunteers took on a wide variety of roles across the venues: from welcoming visitors; to transporting athletes; to helping out behind the scenes in the Technology team to make sure the results get displayed as quickly and accurately as possible , they were so cheerfull and kind to everyone that they were called ‘Games Makers’, they came from a diverse range of communities and backgrounds, from across the UK and abroad . Another that were quite cheerful and very kind to the visotors were the Locals; despise they were affected by the seas of people on the streets and public transport they had always a smile on their faces , they also got together to support ” Team GB ” extraordinary , even that many of them didn’t have a Ticket they  went to the streets and local pubs with  T-shirts , caps , flags , sun glasses and many other cheering and colourful outfits .

London is the first city to host an Olympiad 3 times and they didn’t host it  since 1948 ; it was also the most succesful of all three ; the Mayor of London Boris Johnson thanked London on his Twitter account for a “Himalayan range of peaks on the best games ever”  he also thanked the Athlets ,Volunteers , Military and Police for their big effort.

The Olympic games finnished and with them a lot of Tourist left , but different types of festivals and activities took place and before anyone even noticed it the Paralympic  Games began on the  29th of  August ; everyone has felt inpired by the magnificent performance of the Paralympic Athleates .

Altough the Weather is still a bit summery the Summer is comming to an end but with all the activities that you could have  done , London on the Summer of 2012 was sure the place to be.