Berlin Art Week : Paul McCarthy The Box


The Neue Nationalgalerie present us The Box

for the Berlin Art Week Program .

This work and the exhibition hall provided at Neu Nationalgalerie match perfectly ; as the single work exhibited in the expansive hall, “The Box” is granted particular significance ; the impact of this two factors create a very powerful atmosphere , an oversized wooden box in this rather massive spaced hall invites you to appreciate it from diffents spots of the hall ; as you get close to it you spot the sing that saids  ” please don’t eneter in the box , you may climb the steps to see in to it at your own risk” , this just catch  your attention and when you do climb the steps the only thing you can think of is go inside it , inside the box locates Paul McCarthy’s entire Studio positionated on a 90 degrees rotattion , it appears outwardly to be an inconspicuosly simpe trunk , yet inside a stunning variety of things that reference to McCarthy himself and his creations.

Paul McCarthy (not to be confused with sir Paul McCartney ) was born in Salt Lake City Utah on 1945 he is a multi tasking artis whose work ,on one hand , is  rooted on typical American things ,he is a critical analyst of the mass media and consumer-driven American society and its hypocrisy, On the other hand, it is European avant-garde art that has had the most influence on his artistic form language ; he is more famous for works Disneyland related or his Christmas themed-works .

During the summer of 2008, Paul McCarthy’s inflatable “Complex Shit”, installed on the grounds of the Paul Klee Centre in Bern, Switzerland, took off in a wind bringing down a power line, breaking a greenhouse window, and broke a window at a children’s home.This incident was widely reported internationally via news outlets in several languages with headlines like “Huge turd catastrophe for museum” and “Up in the sky: is it a turd or a plane?”.

The Neue Nationalgalerie is dedicated to collecting and exhibiting international art from the 20th century. The museum was founded in the 1960s,houses the collection of 20th century European painting and sculpture. Ranging from early modern art to art of the 1960s, the collection includes works by Munch, Kirchner, Picasso, Klee, Feininger, Dix, Kokoschka, and many others.  the famous “temple of light and glass” designed by Mies van der Rohe is a masterpiece of modern architecture is worth to take a time to admire it from different  points , outside a few modern sculptures are set on to me admire as well .

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