Berlin Art Week : Timeless Beauty at CO Berlin

CO Berlin bring us Timeless Beauty a compilation of fashon Photography true the Years.

The curator Nathalie Herschdorfer drew put together the essence of 100 years of fashion photography , the exhibition counts with more than 160 Prints ,a vast number of fashion Magazines  and a few videos ; the exhibition take you true the development of Fashion Photography and simultaneosly the Begining of fashion Magazines as scnarios for many artist . As you enter in beatiful former Royal Post Office (Postfuhramt) building, you find the work of the pioneers ,not only of the fashion Photography but of Photography itself . Fashion Photography is often paradoxical ; it is both creative and commercial , that attracted many of the great artist of the early 19th century ; artist like Edward Steichen or Man Ray joined this new movement .

On the first floor you will see many works from the beggining of fashion photography in the earlys 1900 till the lates 1970 ; you’ll find most of the  Photos here  , the beatiful compositions in black and white and sometimes in color are really worth to take your time and admire them , parallel to the Photographs you can also find some of the original  Magazines that served the artist many times as impulse to new platforms and movements , although first fashion Magazines appeared in France in the 17th century , it wans’t till the 19th century with the invention of lithography that they took another stage ; the old Magazines dealt with culture and high society , on the 19th century they start to aim  new readerships  , the common Womens .The exhibition focus in mainly one Magazine ,Vogue .   having an inmense history a on the Fashion Photography History ,with Vogue magazine as main Magazine in Paris and London they search for new targets in the U.S.A. , which after the second world war became bigger than the French and British edition ; this interchange of talent between the three more “Avantgarde” made Vogue Magazine a Gigantic adversarie for any Fashion Magazine .

After being at least one hour on the first floor, on the floor above you will find the modern artwork ( from the 80s till today ) , the colourful new wave  has many iconic Fashion Pieces to show Like the artwork of  Tim Walker or Mario Testino . Here you’ll also find a set of 2 screens and a “screening studio “ , Making resemblance of the fashion films ; on the 1980s italian and British Vogue Magazines worked as platforms for many young artist which were interested in making films about fashion , that turn Vogue into a Multimedia stage  for different artists . on the first screen you’ll find one of the pioneer Fashion videos ,on the second  a more resently one and on the “screening studio” you can appriciate many films that have being awarded in the anual Berlin Fashion Week , most of them are less than 5 minutes leghnth and quite entretaining , so see as many as you can .

C/O Berlin, International Forum For Visual Dialogues, has firmly established itself within the cultural landscape of Berlin-Mitte , this relatively Young (openned in 2000) Photography Institute host many stunnishing exhibitions, lectures and  a vast number of cultural events . We recomend you to check their program before you go , The Turnhalle and the Talents-room will be closed until September 14th 2012 for exhibition reconstruction and on friday the 14th they will close early , at 6 pm ( last entrance at 5pm )

Opening hours

daily 11 am to 8 pm – Last admission 7.30 pm.


10 Euro /reduced 5 Euro
Groups from 8 people onwards 8 Euro / reduced 4 Euro
One-Year-Ticket 35 Euro / reduced 25 Euro
new! Children under 18 get free admission.                                                                                                                                                   Postfuhramt Oranienburger Straße 35/3610117 Berlin