Gabriel Orozco at Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin Review

             Asterisms at the Guggenheim Berlin

The last solo exhibition of the artist (out of his sponsors galleries in New York, Mexico city and Paris) was just last year in London’s Tate Modern (We’ve made a Review on Tate Modern ) ; the artist who for the last 5 years does a solo exhibition each year has choose the splendid Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin for this year .

Gabriel Orozco is a Mexican artist, who in 1998 was called “one of the most influential artists of this decade, and probably the next one too.” His work is more known for create associations between between oft-ignored objects in today’s world . Asterisms comissioned work  is an installation composed by sculptures and photographs of objects that the artist has gathered from a park in New York and an national preserve beach in Baja California ; the objects are arranged by shape or color resemblance , the artist have said that this work may have an influence on his perception with the Universe and how do objects travel along it .

The preserve beach in Baja California is the same one where the artist picked up one of his most famous commissioned works Mobile Matrix (2006) project for the José Vasconcelos Library in Mexico , the skeleton of a whale painted with some square Patterns  suspended in the middle of the room ; the objects picked up from the park in New York were picked up whilst he was practicing one of his multiplies hobbies ,Boomerang throwing the artist has comment that in this mainly weekly activity  he feels more free to clear his mind and have a different perspective on many things , he has publicaly express his facination with Boomerangs before “I like circles and boomerangs, and that’s the way I work. It’s always very cyclical.”

He is influenced by pre-Columbian mexican symbols and crafts , one of the biggest reference he makes to this is on his work from 1997 , Black Kites ; this skull painted as a chessboard makes a resemblance to the old pre-Columbians death masks ; this work made him very famous since he was the first to treath death in such a perspective  ten years after Demian Hirst did his own skull and one can’t but compare both artworks , even when they have two different meanings .

The exhibition is on till the 21st of October and it cost 10 euros adults 7 reduce ticket for more information go to