Birmingham Rock Scene

Review from The Hometown of Heavy Metal

Birmingham is the second Largest city in the U.K. and it was built under the foundations of modern industrial society and One of Birmingham’s most Famous exports comes from the Heart of Birmingham industrial neighborhoods in Aston : Heavy metal ; Ozzy Osbourne and his band Black Sabbath start their Career here in the Late 60’s ; from the same humble neighborhood that the Aston Villa Football Club has its emblematic Stadium .

We all have heard the Stories about how Black Sabbath got their name and how did they reinvented the Music opening the Scene to a lot of upcoming Bands , some of them coming for the very close Region the “black country ” . But Birmingham’s Scene goes further than being the Pioneer of Heavy metal with bands like Black Sabbath or Judas Priest coming from Birmingham ;During the 1960s Birmingham was the home of a music scene comparable to that of Liverpool. Although it produced no single band as big as The Beatles it was a big Scenario  and the hometown of  international success groups such as The Move,The Spencer Davis Group, The Moody Blues, Traffic and the Electric Light Orchestra . Other Popular bands born in Birmingham : UB40 , Duran Duran , The Beat or more Recently The Streets and The Twang .

We head up to Downtown to merge with the Lifestyle of the Locals , we arrived to New Street  where the Main Shopping venues Markets and leisure Centers are located , the Scenes were quite different to the humble working class beginnings of the Heavy Metal the music However is still visible , around the New Street and the main Square , Victoria Square, tons of Street musicians play for the exigent and busy Audience who stops to hear in rare occasion ; non the less many tourist or just less busy Locals stop once in a while to delight themselves with a vast variety of melodies .

Next on our Schedule were the many Famous and timeless Pubs that surround the city  ; Many of them Famous for have being or still being Stage for many Local and international band of Heavy Metal such as the SCRUFFY MURPHY’S or the SWINGING SPORRAN or the more classic Pub style like the Gun Barrel or the Bristol Pear both of them host many entertaining Events and are really popular with the Local Universities Students . Our Scout for this last two pubs brought us to Selly Oak which is basically a neighborhood habituated manly  by Students  and it is one good experience for those who enjoy parties and fun nights , the neighborhood despise for not being such a beautiful neighborhood hides some Cuisine Treasures like the Popular all day English breakfast provider  Selly Sausage , the old Fashion fish and chips called The Dolphin or the many good Curry places


Our journey carry on walking on the side of Birmingham’s Canal which is the Heart of the English Canal System ; there we found one of the most “Avant-guard”  galleries of Birmingham ,The Ikon Gallery ,From its beginnings in a small kiosk in Birmingham’s Bullring, Ikon’s reputation for innovation, internationalism and excellence has developed over 40 years.  Now housed in the neo-gothic Oozells Street School, Ikon has an artistic programme consisting of four interdependent strands ; the gallery will be  hosting a Special program from the 8th till the 11th of November ,  a festival and exhibition exploring the treasures of the human voice, conjured up for our eyes through film and performance.

The Canal took us to another Famous character of the city the Internationally known nightlife center  the  Gatecrasher  , Known for being one of  Biggest nightclubs in England , The Gatecrasher host up to 2500 People every weekend  and is well worth a visit , other Fancy nightclubs are Located in the “Cube” a Cube shaped building that in the rooftop offers a terrace with 360 degrees Panoramic View .

Birmingham Host different  Festivals During the Year like the Post Rock Super Sonic Festival that hosted its 10th annual Festival just a Few days ago from the 19-21 of October . Birmingham also host a diversity of  more Classical cultural Venues and museums such as the Aston Hall or the Soho House , Birmingham’s Antiques theaters and Cinemas are also a must see on your tip Schedule , The city has the Oldest functional cinema in the U.K. : The Electric cinema , It shows Old Classic movies as well as the new trendy hits . it has Comfortable sofas a bar and 2 Big Screens that will leave you a memorable Cinematic Experience .

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