About Tour Review

Tour Review is a Creative Space where we review and share a variety of artistic and cultural projects , such as museums ,galleries ,festivals ,exhibitions and personal projects ; we are based in west Europe doing reviews on mainly Germany and England , despite that ,we have a Latin american background which will be big influence on our work doing reviews like  Latin-Americans abroad or even on  interesting spots in Latin America .

Tour Review is a written mainly by Julian Trejo Pascual ; a Mexican whom  his studies wishes had brought him to Berlin in may 2010  , interested in film and media he has participate in different projects in Europe like : ” The Olympic Games London 2012  coverage for NRM comunicaciones ( multimedia Company broadcasting in Mexico city ),  God kill the Queen ( independent French Short film made in berlin February 2011 ) , Attending many times to the  International Film Network Berlin monthly meetings ” – for Quote some ; he is an  passionate to the Photography  to see some of his work go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/labarbona/

Berlin September the 10th 2012 .